Q: Can I, as a consumer, buy directly from you?
A: Nugreen’s products are available through your local health care retailers such as organic outlets, certain pharmacies, natural health care provider or internet online stores.

Q: I am a vegetarian and does Nugreen have products that are suitable for me?
A: Products that are vegetarian friendly have a “vegan” logo on the labels, if the label does not have the “vegan” logo, then the product may contain ingredients unsuitable for those specifically adhering to a vegetarian diet.

Q: How do I determine the “suggested use” or “serving size” that is on the label of the products?
A: Each product is researched carefully by our research team to determine the amount to be taken as stated on the label for both safe and efficacy of the product. If you have a specific serving size concern, you should always check with your healthcare professional prior to utilizing any nutritional supplements.

Q: Where do all of your ingredients come from?
A: Our ingredients come from a variety of sources throughout the globe such as; North America, South America, Belgium, France, Spain, Denmark and the UK just to name a few. Ingredients are sampled and inspected for both purity and potency before we import. All of these ingredients must meet our strict requirements.

Q: What does the product mean, when the label says “Product of Brazil” or “Product of U.S”?
A: Usually when the label reads “Product of Brazil”, you may be very certain that the ingredient or ingredients comes from Brazil. As for some, there are no indication of sources, this is because some ingredients comes from different countries (it will be misleading to just name one country).

Q: I am currently taking one of your products; can I take my doctor’s prescription at the same time?
A: In many cases it can be taken together or half hour before or after your daily medication, nevertheless you should read the labels to see if any “contra-indicators” exist. We highly recommend that you take your personal responsibility in informing your healthcare provider your current condition to meet your own health goals.

Q: Is it safe for me to take your nutritional products if I have a specific medical problem?
A: We are here to build a healthy community and we care about your health too. Anyone with a medical condition and has concern about using our product should always consult with their healthcare provider.

Q: What is your return policy?
A: All our products are sold by weight and all that is stated on the label. If you ever have a quality concern about our product, you can return it to the retailer where it is purchased. In most cases, the retailer will provide you with a product replacement. In rare cases where consumers may have forgotten to take the product resulting in expired or hardened, you may also return it to the retailer or directly to Nugreen for a replacement.